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the housing reform and the story
25, Female, Afghanistan
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Posted on: 13 January 2018 03:47 AM

please continue to pay attention to every home improvement network.Heating floor pavement and laminate flooring installation in line, can be easily installed, the specific installation is divided into suspended installation, installation of the dragon skeleton, insulation installation three; below we learn together the laying of the heating floor . 1, Floating installation Laying EPE mat (thickness 2-3mm) on the leveling

floor has to be laid directly on the heating floor, pay attention to the installation position of the thermostat and reserve the location of the program-controlled cable. Attention when installing the integrated cable plug to be tight. Such methods are currently limited to their own integrated insulation floor heating floor, such as the United States and more second-generation integrated heating floor. 2, the insulation layer

installed in the hair floor laying moisture-proof membrane, and then laying the thickness of 2-125px insulation layer, the general use of polyvinylamine materials made of mats Po (also known as XPS extruded board, B1 flame retardant, density greater than 30kg / m3), laying on the insulation layer of composite heating floor heating or multi-layer solid wood flooring, this way for most of the current types of heating

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