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Strengthen the floor installation of primary inspection
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Posted on: 09 February 2018 07:45 PM

Wooden floor by the sun storm or long-term wind blowing, wooden floor drying shrinkage caused the film cracking; wood flooring damp caused by cracking of the paint film, wood flooring or squeeze each other after the expansion of the deadly to crack the paint film; wood floor moisture content Excessive coating too thick caused wood floor paint cracking; wood floor blank dry after the lack of balance, the internal stress is not eliminated; cleaning with alkaline detergent, resulting in cracking of wood floor paint;

A small amount of wood flooring paint cracking may be appropriate, waxing. Wood floor paint cracking serious only after the smooth paint. Wood floor paint cracking less when the number can be partially replaced wooden floor.

Wood floor cracks is a very common problem in the renovation process, the floor repair method described above is very useful, but the problem still exists. In this Xiaobian remind owners decoration in the process of renovation must take a good quality, whether it is in the wood flooring or installation must pay attention to in order to avoid problems. Choose a good quality wood flooring manufacturers, the paint film adhesion, flexibility, wear resistance can be guaranteed.

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