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NFL against the spread picks: Can the Browns
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Posted on: 04 January 2018 09:30 AM

at least according to one Steelers player, they seemingly understand it’s a long shot. It would require the 15-point underdog New York Jets to win at the New England Patriots. So,[url=http://www.broncosfootballauthentic.com/c.j.-anderson-jersey-authentic]Womens C.J. Anderson Jersey" class="text_2_css">URL Link,Even though the Pittsburgh Steelers have a shot at the No. 1 seed, the team will sit some key starters.

but there’s audio. Nothing is official just because one of the Steelers’ offensive tackles said it, and we knew that already. Gilbert denied he said that in a tweet he deleted,[url=http://www.broncosfootballauthentic.com/matt-paradis-jersey-authentic]Womens Matt Paradis Jersey" class="text_2_css">URL Link,Steelers offensive tackle Marcus Gilbert told Pittsburgh Tribune-Review columnist Tim Benz that the team will sit Ben Roethlisberger and Le’Veon Bell. Antonio Brown is going to be out with injury, but let’s assume he regrettably told the truth when Mike Tomlin wanted to keep it a secret. It’s big news for the Browns.

remember it forever if the 2017 Browns go 0-16. One win makes a big difference.,Nobody will remember many years from now if the Browns beat Landry Jones and Stevan Ridley to get their only win of the season. Everyone will,[url=http://www.broncosfootballauthentic.com/shelby-harris-jersey-authentic]Womens Shelby Harris Jersey" class="text_2_css">URL Link, however

but fell in overtime. The Browns also had a win going into that game, throwing for 277 yards and three touchdowns. The Browns almost won,The Browns were in a similar situation in Week 17 last season. Jones started against the Browns and played relatively well, having won the week before. Maybe they weren’t as motivated as they’ll be Sunday.

the Browns are still a touchdown underdog to a team that is probably resting its starters.,[url=http://www.broncosfootballauthentic.com/shaquil-barrett-jersey-authentic]Womens Shaquil Barrett Jersey" class="text_2_css">URL Link,Gilbert’s revelation shouldn’t have been a huge shock — Tomlin spoke Tuesday about the possibility of sitting starters — but sportsbooks in Las Vegas moved quickly. Most took the game off the board. When it reappeared in some places, it had moved from the Steelers being favored by 10.5 or 11 to them being favored by 7. Yes

Assuming Tomlin will clarify at some point who is playing and who isn’t, and are 3-25 in their last 28 against the Steelers anywhere. They’ve failed to cover the spread in seven of their last eight games. Even though everyone in the world has known for months how bad these Browns are and the point spreads have been large, where lines are set early in the week. The Browns are plus-14 in the Yahoo Pro Football Pick’em. They’re plus-11 in the Westgate SuperContest. Yet,[url=http://www.broncosfootballauthentic.com/ronald-leary-jersey-authentic]Authentic Ronald Leary Jersey" class="text_2_css">URL Link, even with the extra line value, the most interesting question is how to pick the game in contests and pools, it’s not a sure thing they can keep it within a touchdown. They’re that bad., do you really trust the Browns? The Browns have lost 13 in a row at Pittsburgh and by an average of 13.4 points according to OddsShark, the Browns have rarely covered. Even if they’re playing the Steelers’ JV squad

and the backups who will play need to play well to help their careers. I think the Browns keep it relatively close, I’ll pick the Browns with the ridiculous Yahoo Pro Football Pick’em line (I’m saving my final SuperContest picks for later and will tweet them out). Even if the Browns cover, can they get a win? Probably not. The Browns want to avoid 0-16, but we’re going to see the second 0-16 team in NFL history.,Reluctantly, but the Steelers don’t want to be the team to lose to them

but you have to assume the Lions are crushed after their playoff dreams were ended last week in Cincinnati.,You knew Week 17 would be weird when the NFL didn’t have any decent option for “Sunday Night Football,” so they skipped SNF altogether. I’m picking the Packers not because I’m impressed with anything they’ve done

Colts (-4) over Texans: Before news that DeAndre Hopkins would likely be out Week 17 with an injury, I was on the fence. But the thought of that Texans team without Hopkins is pretty scary. Even against a bad Colts defense.

as counterintuitive as that sounds. But I do think the Vikings roll here.,Vikings (-13) over Bears: The Vikings still need to win to ensure a first-round bye (they will be the No. 3 seed if they lose, the Saints lose and the Panthers win). It has historically been a pretty good play to pick against the team that needs to win

I like to go against the inflated lines of the “need to win” teams, though a Steelers loss gets it for them too. It’s always scary to go against the Patriots. They’ve covered seven straight home games as a favorite of 14 points or more, according to OddsShark. But I’ve consistently gone against favorites this large,Jets (+17) over Patriots: The Patriots need to win to get the No. 1 seed, and that matches up here to land on the Jets.

they’d have done so long before now.,Redskins (-3) over Giants: Seems like a low spread. The Giants have been awful all season, and they’re dealing with many key injuries. If they were going to rally and play well for Eli Manning

but Jason Garrett says the starters will play. The Eagles haven’t really played their hand either. Maybe you’re getting Nick Foles vs. Dak Prescott in the fourth quarter of this one, the two teams that have been the most secretive about it play against each other here. Jerry Jones seemed to say this week that young players will play more,Cowboys (-2.5) over Eagles: While most teams have made it clear what they plan to do with resting starters or not in Week 17, and maybe you’re getting Nate Sudfeld vs. Cooper Rush. Welcome to Week 17.

they’re motivated too, and that’s a huge deal considering you get to host a first-round playoff game (the Panthers could also get a No. 2 seed,[url=http://www.broncosfootballauthentic.com/shelby-harris-jersey-authentic]Authentic Shelby Harris Jersey" class="text_2_css">URL Link, though that’s a long shot). The Panthers are a better team,Panthers (+4) over Falcons: So we’re giving the Falcons a bump because they need to win? The Panthers are still alive for the NFC South title, and I’ll happily take the points.

Chiefs (+3.5) over Broncos: I’m excited to see Patrick Mahomes. I hope the Chiefs play other starters to give Mahomes the best shot to succeed, but I doubt it. I’m picking the Chiefs simply because the Broncos are starting Paxton Lynch at quarterback.

Jaguars (+3.5) over Titans: The Jaguars should be trying to lose this game coming off the bus. If the Titans win,[url=http://www.broncosfootballauthentic.com/c.j.-anderson-jersey-authentic]Authentic C.J. Anderson Jersey" class="text_2_css">URL Link, Jaguars coach Doug Marrone says he’ll play this as normal. I don’t get it. But, much, the Chargers will probably get in and be the Jaguars’ opponent. The Chargers are much,[url=http://www.broncosfootballauthentic.com/matt-paradis-jersey-authentic]Authentic Matt Paradis Jersey" class="text_2_css">URL Link, much better than the Titans. Also, the Jaguars and Titans will play again next week in a playoff game. If the Titans lose, as dumb as that would be.,[url=http://www.broncosfootballauthentic.com/menelik-watson-jersey-authentic]Womens Menelik Watson Jersey" class="text_2_css">URL Link, if he’s telling the truth, the Jaguars can’t change their seed and it would be good to rest starters. Still, the Jaguars are far superior to Tennessee and they’ll cover. They might even win

especially after seeing the Eagles struggle on offense last week. There aren’t many coaches who would think this way (see Doug Marrone’s absolute ignorance of situation in his publicly stated decision this week to play his starters), because the Rams could travel to Philadelphia instead of Minnesota in the divisional round. That doesn’t factor in that the No. 6 seed could win in wild-card weekend and play at Philadelphia,[url=http://www.broncosfootballauthentic.com/shaquil-barrett-jersey-authentic]Authentic Shaquil Barrett Jersey" class="text_2_css">URL Link, but doing whatever to get Philly and not Minnesota makes sense,49ers (+2.5) over Rams: This line has moved to the 49ers being 3- or 3.5-point favorites after Sean McVay announced his star players will sit. There has been speculation that McVay is doing this because he feels being the No. 4 seed is better than being the No. 3 seed, but McVay is one who would.

get the team that needs to win laying less than a field goal! There’s no trap here,[url=http://www.broncosfootballauthentic.com/menelik-watson-jersey-authentic]Authentic Menelik Watson Jersey" class="text_2_css">URL Link, way too easy for the Bills. Step right up,Dolphins (+2.5) over Bills: This line looks way, just a lock!

Raiders (+9.5) over Chargers: Another instance of a line being inflated because one team needs to win to stay alive in the playoff race.

but for two straight weeks their offense has looked horrible. This one will be close. It wouldn’t completely shock me if the Cardinals won.,Cardinals (+10) over Seahawks: I think the Cardinals play hard. This is a big rivalry to them. They view this as their playoff game. If this is Bruce Arians’ last game, they’ll want to send him off right. The Seahawks won last week

Buccaneers (+7) over Saints: Let’s just keep rolling with teams getting too many points against the “need to win” opponents.

they beat the Lions. Maybe the Bengals hadn’t quit, but they were dealing with major injury issues. When those injuries cleared up,Bengals (+10.5) over Ravens: And yet another. There’s another layer here though: The Bengals looked really bad for two weeks, they were just too banged up to compete.

Good news for superstitious Bills fans: The last time the NFL had to use the obscure tiebreaker that allowed Buffalo to end its 17-year playoff drought this year – strength of victory, or the winning percentage of teams the Bills defeated – the beneficiary went on to win the Super Bowl.

but lost in the wild-card round. The 2009 Patriots and 2003 Seahawks also used the tiebreaker, when the Texans entered the league,” Nick Veronica writes for BNblitz. “In 2010, but those instances were to settle seeding with other playoff teams.”,“Strength of victory was last used in 2010 and has only come into play a handful of times since the league last updated its tiebreaking procedures after realigning the divisions in 2002, strength of victory helped send the 10-6 Packers to the playoffs over the 10-6 Giants and Buccaneers; they went on to win the Super Bowl that year against the Steelers. The 2006 Giants also got a wild-card berth at 8-8 thanks to strength of victory

signed off with the phrase “Let’s go, Buffalo” on the national news: “CBS Evening News” anchor Jeff Glor, a Bills fan with Tonawanda roots,“Let’s go, Buffalo” Tuesday night after interviewing Andy and Jordan Dalton about Bills fans’ donations to their foundation.

the defensive tackle the Bills traded to Jacksonville earlier this season. “He’s the last one (in),” Jaguars (and former Bills) head coach Doug Marrone told the media when asked about his advice for Marcell Dareus,What Doug told Dareus: “I just told him to be smart, he came from a trade. I just told him to be smart.”

Speaking of Dareus, the Jaguars’ playoff berth and Dareus’ remaining on the roster converts the sixth-round pick Jacksonville sent Buffalo into a fifth-round pick.

tweeted congratulations to the team and its fans on Monday. The News’ Vic Carruci recalls how Phillips went into considerable detail in his book “Son of Bum” about the events leading up to the Bills’ wild-card game against Tennessee all those years ago.,A place in Wade’s heart: Wade Phillips, the last coach to bring the Bills to the playoffs

Bills TV rating ties 2016: News TV critic Alan Pergament reports that the Bills’ 22-16 victory over Miami was the team’s second highest-rated game of the season. The matchup’s 43.1 rating bumped the average for the entire season up to 38.1, the same rating Buffalo averaged in 2016.

Advanced stats: Jerry Hughes busted out of his slump in the final regular-season game, recording seven quarterback pressures on 36 attempts rushing the passer. And E.J. Gaines was one of Pro Football Focus’ “elite” cornerbacks in Week 17.

Tre’Davious Tracker: White capped his rookie season with a solid outing against Miami.

is a finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame for the third time.,T.O. is a Hall finalist again: Former wide receiver Terrell Owens, who spent one of his 15 NFL seasons with the Bills

Voice of the Fan: All hell broke loose across Buffalo just before 5 p.m. EST on New Year’s Eve.

whose acting career spans more than 30 years, Paul Peck and Kevin Sylvester from Buffalo Sports Page reflect on the Bills’ playoff berth,[url=http://www.broncosfootballauthentic.com/chris-harris-jr-jersey-authentic]Womens Chris Harris Jr Jersey" class="text_2_css">URL Link, which is unfamiliar territory for many fans. And Maryvale High School graduate Bill Fichtner,Listen: In the Daily Drive Podcast, joined the Bucky & Sully Show on 1270 The Fan Tuesday.

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