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accumulation of timber
25, Female, Afghanistan
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Posted on: 06 November 2017 04:32 AM
Ecological wood home improvement Do not pile up wooden building materials at home Due to the climate problem in spring, do not pile up a large amount of wood building materials in your house. Because of the heavy rain and air humidity in spring and the excessive accumulation of timber, it is easy to damp. After the purchase of timber transport should avoid rain, or prepare tarpaulin cover, so as not to wet the timber, and damp materials remember to dry and then use. Large wholesaler of wood is generally made in the dry place of origin, and then shipped containers, a corresponding reduction in the chance of damp wood. After buying timber should be placed in the house two or three days, and the gas phase, and then the construction process. Before construction should also keep the ground dry, paved moisture barrier. Moisture primer can not save eco-wood remodeled decoration owners, as the hot spring rainy season, the relative humidity in the air is too large, so paint and other paint construction, the primary moisture-proof primer must not be saved. After the painter construction, because of the comfortable spring weather, remember to open more doors and windows ventilation. Dry paint brush to do it slowly, but the paint absorbs moisture in the air, it will produce a layer of matte, latex paint is not easy to dry, easy to form a sag due to improper construction, resulting in moldy taste. After construction is best to dehumidify, completely remove the water in the air.
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