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Each other for poe currency
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Posted on: 29 January 2018 10:53 AM
Each other for poe currency these teamsLeBron James is playing really well against the Pistons In Game he had points and assists in a Cavaliers win In Game he had points on just shots in a point Cavaliers win That's pretty good right The Cavaliers are up after allBut Pistons rookie Stanley Johnson thinks he's got LeBron right where he wants him I'm definitely

in his head that's for sure Johnson said after a Game loss to the Cavs That's for sureHe laces his shoes up the same way I lace my shoes up he said He has to e out there and pete and make his shots He doesn't e prepared That's the NBA Anybody and everybody can get busted any night From the last guy on the bench to the first guy out He's going

to have to strap his shoes in every night tight because I'm going to strap my shoes in every night tight Johnson went on to rag on the rest of the Cavs He jabbers Johnson said of James He moves his mouth sometimes Their whole team does kind of like their little cheerleaders on the bench Every time you walk in the right corner They're always saying

something like they're buy poe currency playing basketball like they're actually in the game There's only seven or eight players who play I don't see why the other players are talking They might as well just be in the stands in my opinion Johnson clarified his ments on Friday but the damage was already doneNow listen I like Stanley Johnson I think he's got an

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