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How do I change my main profile picture?
  On the green click "Pictures". When you see the picture you want, click "Edit". Then check "Default".
How do I view my profile?
  Click "View My Profile" in the top right corner of the site, beside Total Users | Online Users.
How do I delete guestbook entries?
  In the green bar, click on "Guestbook". Then you can checkmark which messages you wish to delete
How do I put Music on my Profile?
  Go to the Music section on the site, and click "Make Profile Song". You can switch songs whenever you want by removing it, and selecting another song.
How do I customize my Profile?
  On the green tab click "Profile". You can fill in more fields for your profile, or click "Customize Profile". Be creative and have fun.
Why aren't my codes working?
  Profiles only accept HTML codes: < > We do not accept: [] [/]
Can I block a User?
  Yes you can. Go to the person's Profile page you wish to block, and click Block User. Distrik promotes user privacy, and gives people the ability to control their profile.
What are the 1-5 Stars on Profiles?
  This is the Rating feature- you can rate users according to their looks and profile information. 1 star = lowest 5 star = highest
How does the Point system work?
  Upload a Photo: 2 points Upload a Song: 5 points Upload a Video: 5 points Send an Invite: 10 points Send a Message: 2 points Post a Blog: 5 points Post a Forum Post: 1 point By going to the bottom of the page, beside "Music Charts", you will see "Points". Click that, and it'll show you the top point leaders, and to the right will be a history of your points. You can also access this page via your Account homepage. Beside your desired username it'll display your points. Click it to visit the Points page.
Is the Secrets page really safe?
  Yes, there is no way that your user name can be provided with your post. No username will ever be posted with a secret.
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