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The Distrik staff do their best to keep the website safe for all of its users. The website is moderated hourly, seeking to eliminate any potential threats or dangers to users. Distrik highly recommends that people do not create plans to meet users that you have met on our website. We provide a friendly, online community where people can chat virtually. If you decide to meet someone in real life that you met on our website, we are in no way responsible for your actions. Our statement is clear: Do not create plans to meet users that you meet online.

Distrik does not tolerate cyber-bullying, bashing, or harassment in any form. If users are caught performing such actions towards other members, their account will be automatically banned. We do not encourage people under the age of 13 to join the community for safety purposes. By signing up to Distrik, you agree to respect other members, and the media you post.

If users are caught upload inappropriate content to our servers, their account will be banned without a lift. Distrik offers a wide variety of features, so please do not abuse them. Users can not upload: Pornography, Illegal Download Links, Ripped Movies or Music, Cracks, Hacks, Key Generators, or any other illegal file which violates legal laws. Also, users are not allowed to discuss illegal issues in our forums (i.e Drugs).

If users are caught spamming other members they will receive only one warning notification. If they continue to engage in spamming actions, their account will be disabled. We do not support sending numerous members promotion messages, writing pointless messages on our forums, or spamming guest books and other features on our website.

Distrik offers various features for its registered users, such as (i) Music (ii) Videos (iii) Blogs.

(i) Distrik offers an outlet for artists and fans to share their music. By uploading a music file onto Distrik, you agree that the file either: (i) belongs to yourself (ii) you have permission from the label to upload the file. Abuse in our policy will result in your song being deleted.

(ii) Users are allowed to post youtube videos in our video section. Since they are not directly hosted on Distrik, members do not need to own the videos, and do not need to have permission to post the video. Since YouTube is a universal video viewing website, users are enabled to post videos as long as they are suitable and appropriate. Distrik does not allow videos that contain scenes of absurd violence, nudity, criminal activity, or pornography.

(iii) Blogs are a way to express yourself and self reflect in your writing. Users are allowed to post blogs, however, in no way can a user threaten or cyber-bully another person online. No links to inappropriate material will be tolerated, resulting in the blog being deleted.
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